Feast Catering & Events
By Domini & Peaches Kemp


Choosing your Wedding Menu

You've successfully made it through a lot of tasks on the all important 'Wedding To Do List' - your venue is booked, the band confirmed, the tricky guest list finalised - let's be honest, you now deserve to let your hair down and take care of one of the particularly enjoyable aspects of the wedding planning - choosing the Wedding Menu!

Having catered hundreds of weddings over the years these are our tips when choosing your wedding menu!

Be adventurous, have balance and be courteous:

If you are the type of couple who love trying different cuisines, it is important to have some fun with your menu and take an opportunity to get creative with your menu. We suggest you do so with your canape or starter choices. 

We encourage balance in the menu. For example, avoid fish canapes, followed by fish starter and a fish main and incorporate balance across the courses where possible. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Although it is your wedding day, bear in mind that you are choosing a menu for all of your guests so be mindful of being a great host and opting for something that most people will enjoy. As above with being adventurous, perhaps go wild with the smaller courses and everyone is happy!

Other Considerations:

Consider the season you are getting married. A hearty starter, followed by a rich meaty main course and warm pudding for dessert might be perfect for your winter wedding but mixing cold and warm and lighter dishes might work better for a summer wedding. 

The Wedding Tasting:

At your complimentary wedding tasting, we encourage our couples to ask lots of questions about the menu, to take photos, to try the wine with the food. If in doubt about your choices, ask us for recommendations. Is there something really special you would like to incorporate into your wedding menu - we love an opportunity to get creative so don't hesitate in asking if your chef could create something bespoke for your wedding meal. We always endeavour to do our best to creating that something special for our couples. 

Most importantly, enjoy this part of your wedding planning and on the day, don't forget to taste every delicious bite of your first meal as a married couple!