Feast Catering & Events
By Domini & Peaches Kemp


A Q&A with Domini Kemp

En route to cater a corporate function, we had a few minutes to pick the boss's brain about all things food & Feast. This is a quick Q&A with Domini Kemp! Enjoy!

What is your favourite part of catering a large corporate event or wedding?

There is something so special about seeing a party in full swing: guests enjoying great food and wine, knowing that service is all taken care of. Whether it's a launch, corporate dinner or private dinner party,  it's so satisfying when you see an event or wedding go so well. 

How do you ensure quality when catering for large groups?

It really comes down to being smart about the menus and using amazing raw ingredients.  Our food ethos is very much about doing simple and classic dishes, really well. We don't distract away from the quality. It's also vital to really understand a client's tastes - then it's about creating that relationship where they trust your recommendations. 

How do you choose your suppliers?

We constantly edit! We have great relationships with some of Ireland's leading chefs and have been involved in quite a few client collaborations with chefs like Ross Lewis, Barry Fitzgerald and Ciaran Sweeney. It's great to learn from these guys and they are always showcasing amazing suppliers in their restaurants. We try to learn and follow as much as possible. 

How do you achieve harmony in a 3 course meal?

Balance is so important, along with considerations such as the time of year, the venue and the crowd... it sounds so obvious, but it's a horrible feeling when you finish a meal and just want to lie down! If you are going for a long stream of food, from canapes, to a luxurious three course meal to cheese and late night party food, you have to be mindful! 

What is your favourite dish on the Feast menus?

I adore the scallop ceviche, all of our beef dishes and we also do wonderful buffet style lunches featuring lots of low-carb Alchemy wheat-free & dairy free salads that are delicious and great for a working lunch.  Our signature chocolate, hazelnut & muscavado tarts is one fo the most delicious choclate tarts you will ever have!

Do you have any vivid or memorable food experiences that impacted on you as a child or as a young chef?

My memories are so food based...but I have always been fascinated in the science of flavour.  

Is there a vegetable you consider totally under-appreciated? Over-appreciated? 

I really love Jerusalem artichokes, but luckily they are pretty revered! 

What ingredient or food product are you currently obsessed with?

Same ones I am always obsessed with: great salt (Maldon & Oriel), Irish butter and olive oil. 

What’s your most food-splattered cookbook?!

Anything by Diana Henry and Skye Gyngell.